We are pleased to welcome you to the site of the anonymous Jabber server sj.ms

The super short, easy to remember domain name of sj.ms, which is simple to pronounce, remember, and pass on.

You can register any JID (Jabber ID), which is available at the moment of registration.

Our server is absolutely anonymous and cannot give away any data about the users who have registered at our server because we simply disabled all logging at once when setting up the server!

Therefore, no claims related to giving away of data of any kind can be advanced against us personally! The print-screen image of the settings can be viewed here.

Our server has the "А" category. This means that we use the newest technologies for the work of our Jabber server.

Our certificates have been signed and are constantly renewed. They can be checked at this site.

About safety! We recommend you use a client for message encryption in any case, namely, SJ IM, which is available for any platform. We guarantee that in case if a SJ IM – SJ IM link is used, all your correspondence will be encrypted by the super dependable PGP or OTR algorithm.

  1. You can register directly from any program.
  2. Port 5222 by default (StartTLS)
  3. Port 5223 by default (SSL)
  4. Ejabberd-14.07_2

What good will it be to us, you might ask.
It’s quite simple. We are against any interference into private life and actions of any person on planet Earth! We are against constant surveillance of all Internet users, both on the part of ANY country’s secret services and on the part of other involved persons! We will do our best to help those who seek to solve these problems!

If you support us and want to help the project, go to the Donate section

For any further questions feel free to contact us at support@sj.ms