What is a Jabber server?

Jabber is an open protocol for quick communication between any users in the Internet network.

This XML-based protocol serves for transmission of text messages or information between two users. The original name of the protocol is XMPP.

What is an anonymous Jabber server?

A server, in the settings of which the tick box “Disable Logging” is ticked, is considered an anonymous Jabber server. This allows you to be sure that logging has been disabled actually in the settings on this server!

The physical location of this server in a country that lives under offshore jurisdiction (for example, like our server in Switzerland) can also be considered an additional feature of the anonymous Jabber servers.

Why is it important that a Jabber server should be anonymous?

Perhaps it is not really important for all the users, but for us personally, and for many people registered at our server, this is a key difference from the publicly-available Jabber servers, which give away information in case of any queries!

Therefore, even if this is not important for you, you will be 100% sure that even in case of any query for giving away of information we will not be able to give away anything!

We also recommend that you encrypt all your correspondence additionally with a SJ IM program

How can you make sure that logging is disabled?

Look at this Print Screen image, which we have posted purposely to take this issue off the table.

How can you implement encryption of correspondence?

You can look for information about this in the Internet network, spend a lot of time setting up the necessary plug-ins, and so on. But the easiest way is to use SJ IM program.

What is PGP?

It is one of the most reliable encryption systems in the world, invented by Phil Zimmermann in 1991, for which we are immensely grateful to him! You can read more about it here

The OTR (Off-The-Record) encryption of correspondence?

The protection level of this rather new development for instant message encryption, invented in 2004 by Nikita Borisov and Ian Goldberg, is inferior to PGP (in our opinion), and has one very big drawback: it does not allow sending encrypted offline messages. Read more here

Registration error. What do I do wrong?

We do not keep any logs on our server, therefore you are most probably trying to register a user name, which already exists on the server.

Password for signing in to the JID

It is important to understand that in case if your JID is hacked or lost, we will not be able to help you in restoring your profile. Therefore we recommend that you use good hack-proof passwords for your account.

What are Trust Certificates?

Our server has a SSL certificate, which provides for encryption of traffic as early as when it enters our server. This is a paid certificate, which is issued for a year and which cannot do harm to your safety or to your computer in any way!

Our server has the "А" – level, which is the highest level for Jabber servers, and you can check it by following this link!

How can I make additional provisions for my anonymity?

1. Always use VPN!

2. Do not forget to use a proxy!

3. Use SJ IM additionally for encryption of your correspondence.

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